Year to Date Car Sales – An Exercise in Patience

If you’re a manufacturer of passenger vehicles my heart goes out to you. This is particularly applicable if you’re operating within the United States domestic market which is currently experiencing one of the most severe downturns since 1990.

As bleak as the news may be but there are positive rays of light in the dark. It’s not the case that every company is losing sales , and not every brand is being battered. Even for companies that have reported massive losses this year, they are able to identify at least the one or two brands that are doing well. Without these sales that are strong and boosting overall sales, the situation would be worse.

In 2008, there will be winners, losers and a few businesses that are in the middle. Let’s examine the three categories below to try to understand the declining market for consumer goods.

The Winner’s Circle

Honda, Nissan, Kia, Subaru and Mercedes are all seeing sales growth through the end of the 2007. Subaru is the most successful because Van sales Horley this maker of small vehicles that are fuel efficient is witnessing sales increase of 5.9 percent through August 2008. Consumers are looking for smaller, more affordable vehicles and manufacturers who possess them will continue make gains even in tough times.

The Loser’s Corner

GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota make up the top four companies on the US market, and all four are in decline for the year. Toyota’s decline may be surprising however, since they entered into the big-truck and SUV industry the V8 line of their products has grown. Chrysler has been in the most difficult condition, with sales falling by 24% over the year.

Smaller companies also lose big manufacturers are Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Jaguar as well as Porsche.

Right In The Middle

In middle of the pack are several car businesses whose fortunes may rise if the market picks up prior to the year coming to an close. Volkswagen is down just 1000 vehicles for the year 2008, however Mazda, Hyundai, and BMW are all within reach of getting back on track. In fact, BMW sales are trending upwards, giving the brand of luxury cars optimism that sales for 2008 will not be a complete failure.

Special Deals For You

For consumers, this year will be an excellent time to buy since manufacturers reduce prices to get rid of the shelves. In looking to buy a new vehicle or truck or SUV, or even a crossover there will be prices cut to the bone during the final times of the year.


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