Promote With Your Own News Site

This is a proven way to easily get started with your own local news site. The profit possibilities are endless. You will be one of your favorite people in your community, a leader, and a famous car and mob. Best of all, your news site is cheaper than weekends in the city.
The newsletter contains short news articles, photos, and a simple YouTube home video that anyone can write. That’s all you need.
This article will show you how to create a news site. But first, let’s talk about why now is the best time to get started.
The news industry is big. Newspapers in each city recorded 80% of advertising costs, leaving bread crumbs to television and radio. The news industry has long been a comfortable world. I’ve been working in the news industry for 20 years, so I’ll talk from experience.
But then two very scary things happened

1. With the advent of the Internet, Google Ads is starting to take millions of dollars. Large companies have learned that pay-per-click can get faster and cheaper results than expensive newspaper ads. 2. The Great Recession ran out of city income and newspapers with all hundreds of employees, and expensive facilities began to go bankrupt. The “Great Depression” news began in 2006 and is getting worse.
Today, many towns no longer have newspapers. They are declining, news is much less, and their sites are primarily getting news of out-of-city services. Sounds like news, but it’s not required for the locals. To make matters worse, television and radio “borrow” news from newspapers. Visit:-
Here is your chance

If you have a problem, you have a bigger chance. Large and expensive news organizations are sometimes replaced by very small groups of one or so.
A single trader can deliver great news products alone or with a few helpers at an incredibly low cost. This leaves a lot of room for profit.
There is plenty of room for good news sites to report positive stories and interesting events and help promote local business.
How to create your own news website in 6 easy steps

1. Get a domain name that includes the name of the city or region.
2.2. Create a clean, fast website with a business story section, a central section of local news stories, and columns of news pages for different communities and schools.
3. At the bottom of the page, include some videos you created and posted on YouTube. These can be short and simple videos of local locations and events. People love to find videos of local locations on YouTube. Be sure to write the title, description, and keywords for the name of your city where your video took place, and even the names of the people in the video.
4. Update the news site for 1-2 weeks. Save the previous news page in the Recent News directory. Link to old news from the home page. Please make a decision and post the news. The longer you post, the more results you will get.
5. Make a list of as many local names and locations as possible. The first thing everyone puts in a search engine is their name.
6.6. Have a link or banner that goes to your website or advertising page. We suggest recording the story of a local company on YouTube video and running the service for a fee. This is where you get most of your money. As you are known as a news person in the city, all kinds of profit opportunities are realized.
This setting gives search engines a lot to chew. His YouTube videos and news articles are great and interesting local content that will eventually spread throughout Google.

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