Nigeria: We Can’t Breathe

Nigerian leaders are special. While other nations and leaders are offering relief to their citizens and providing bailouts for their industries of production and services to mitigate the current effects of the pandemic, our rulers (not the leaders) are inventing tougher policies to continue to slave us and burden us with burdens.

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The government recently raised the price of electricity and fuel. I mean in the midst of this massive fight by the citizens caused by their poor economic performance and made more difficult by the Chinese virus crisis. It was really hard before the pandemic. Businesses are closing rapidly and millions of jobs are being lost. Food and other items are at record highs. People are simply in desperate need and are hungry. Nigerians are in dire need of help and our government must do the best we can to help them. It’s not my fault. Do they have enough money to pay rent for their house? Do they buy fuel? They have everything they need. If they need more, they can acquire it by stealing things that they steal in shame and store in the hope of a future generation. We hear that they will need to spend more to pay for the budget. So it’s only through taxing the already traumatized people to death that the government can finance its operations? Please tell me. What budget? I hear you say budget of the rich by the rich and for the rich. They will pad the budgets, award the contracts to themselves, and make themselves pay even if the jobs aren’t done. As I write this, the country is exploding as the citizens protest the brutality of the police and the incompetence of the current government. The protest which has caused death of many, has spread to the most important cities in the country. Many government buildings were burned to the ground.

The first thing that occurred to me as this chaos was unfolding was what Pharaoh did in the Bible. When Moses went to ask for the release of the Israelites The king became angry. Instead of accepting the request, the king immediately increased their burden and pain, in order to break their spirit and silence them forever. That’s exactly what I see. If this government wants to get more money they know what to do. They can do this by cutting salaries that are excessive, estacodes , and allowances for elected, selected and appointed officials of different public agencies. They could also get it by proper taxation of the super wealthy who own and display their billions of dollars of property and investments without paying any tax. It is possible to eliminate the ineffective security votes which are now a gift to our elected officials. What of all the money in different currencies and properties taken from corrupt officials and leaders? What are they? Do they have a plan to re-loot it as the norm? We’ll get to the question in the future. Why should we not retrieve the national assets, oil wells, companies , and corporations that were illegally undervalued and then sold to allies, cronies, and friends as a way to privatize, etc? We’ve sold everything, but we don’t get only a fraction of the value. Take a look at the power industry. It is confusion all over the place. Distributors make Nigerians as slaves who have been conquered. They charge you whatever you want and then forced to pay, or have your light turned off. It’s as if there was no law, regulations, or supervision. There is no protection for customers. A few days ago I went to AbakpaEnugu’s EEDC office, and was repeatedly contacted by marketers. Customers who used to pay 7,700 now pay 16,000 per month. They won’t let you complain, otherwise they’ll remain in darkness. They won’t examine your meters. They insist that you be on an estimated billing. We don’t have any alternatives or options. We don’t have any other option. Why can’t we borrow from other nations like China where the state offers the essential amenities, but effectively, and adequately encourages private enterprise. It is possible to utilize mixed economy since total capitalism, which is effective for some, has not been successful in China.

Our leaders have been guilty of dishonesty. Most don’t practice what they teach. They say not to steal but they do take your money with their biros or through proxy. They speak of democracy, however they continue to manipulate the election and then rule you with force. When you ask them to capture the thieves, they take what was taken from the thieves. Now, the suspended head of the nation’s Anti-corruption agency is under investigation. He is accused of failing to declare hundreds of homes as well as billions of dollars in various currencies that were confiscated by corrupt officials and groups. This is referred to as re-looting. And as the probe was going on, the office of the agency that was keeping the records of these transactions was broken into overnight, and the computers that held the data for the majority of the transactions were taken away. Oh my God! Does that sound like it a James Bond movie? Tell me the name of the film. We preach against imports, but everything that we and our families use are imported. We talk about patriotism, nationalism, we actually hate and kill other people each and every day. When we talk about security, we actually support and arm criminals. I have since removed myself from any belief. There is more to us than just being incredibly corrupt, but also endemically, genetically evil, corrupt and insufferable. While I was writing, I tried to charge my phone with a USB cable. After a short time, the charger quit working. I don’t know how many chargers this year I’ve purchased. Some don’t last longer than three days. Nobody is responsible for the counterfeit drugs or products that have suffocated us. They’ve resulted in thousands of deaths, fire outbreaks as well as collapses of buildings accidents, and other problems. It’s really suffocating. It is impossible to breathe in this environment. It was a matter of economics, politics and eventually it moved into the realm of corruption in religion.

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