Membership Fees – Forbidden Words?

You know, I’ve noticed a number of websites and videos that blast programs that require you to pay a Membership Fee. Some people think that paying for “ANYTHING” isn’t right. In fact some even go to suggest that anyone who wants you to pay for a membership fee you should be wary of.

Do you think you serious? I believe that in business circles that people have become addicted and seek everything for free.

I am a fan of Free as much as the next person, but the reality is there will come a time that you’ll have to invest money in order for your business to be successful and anyone who tells you that you shouldn’t is setting yourself to fail BIG TIME! !

Paying the membership fee must be in line with the following factors: (This is a short list, but there’s more) Visit:-

* Is the information valuable enough for me to pay for it each month?

Is the program offer me an option to pay the monthly costs through referrals to others, or offer a way for me to not be required to pay out of pocket monthly?

* Is this information something I cannot find elsewhere?

* Are the source of the information clear enough to reveal the actual steps they took to get there? Or are they trying to convince users to sign up and provide you with a bunch of general information that’s difficult to follow by yourself?

* Did you pay one fee to sign up , and now you must pay additional support charges to receive assistance with the information given by the person who provided the information?

Check out these couple of questions to stimulate your thinking. Thinking that says, “if it’s not Free there’s something wrong within the system” is an example of “Poverty Mentality”.

I received a business advice from a mentor many years ago that Rich People and the poor do not think in a different way; they are the exact opposite of one other! !

An “Poverty Mentality” says, “how is it going to cost me because I probably can’t afford it” Where a wealthy person is likely to ask what benefits I be able to enjoy for the amount I spend & what speed can I earn an ROI on my “investment”? (notice the word) Do you notice the differences? It’s like night & day.

Wealthy people are looking for something to invest in that will pay them long-term money while the poor Mentality is just thinking about right now. The wealthy see it as an “investment” in themselves.

The majority of business owners not only have a Poverty Mentality but also have a “Casino Mentality” meaning they seek out something for free. One day they sign up in a program without any effort or paying any money, they become Rich!!! This ain’t the Beverly Hillbillies (and yes I said “aint “):)

Don’t be fooled by anyone. The path to success in business requires: The Right Program plus perseverance, prayer, hard work and yes it will take some money. The one thing you have to be wary of is not giving your hard-earned cash to anyone who asks. You must ensure, following the instructions above that they satisfy the guidelines for spending your money.

What can we take away from our experience?

Membership fees are not Forbidden terms and being paid to the Right person can aid you to reach Success. Don’t search for a free ride, you’re going to have to pay a little bit of money in the future. Finally, think like the Wealthy and see every business venture as an opportunity you to invest in yourself.

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