Lord Shiva: The Pioneer of Disruptive Innovation

“May my elements from creation abide within me in perfect perfection.

The most amazing thing that could be created in the world be created by me, by us, and by all living beings.

I am grateful for this divine power expressed by Shiva for the universal good.”

– (Panchakshri Mantra.)

Time is an amazing transformational instrument that allows us to experience our four stages of life and defines our complete lifetime in an infinite, cosmic platform. It is forever, born by the breath of divine energy that sustains the universe. We have seen ourselves even using nature as tools of Eternal time. Be those blazing tremors, waves that sweep across the earth, the crawling feeling of an earthquake or the rage of a volcano , we have observed all the natural catastrophes play out on the earth.

Mythology affirms that God transcends time and space, form, sound and holds the power to make or destroy the universe within a short period of time.

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God Shiva represents the lord of eternity, who is full of life and power that commands destruction , transformation and creation. He is depicted as the colossal avatar of Rudra which is a destructive form of almighty that can turn everything into nothing. Shiva has been able to destroy the world innumerable times Van sales Horley in different ways – subtle or harsh however, even as he recreates the world perfectly we are never able to comprehend how he recreated or destroyed? He plays the role of a goldsmith who dissolves jewellery that is already in use to make purer gold that can be used to make a new adornment using exquisite design and the utmost precision.

Shiva represents the higher self in which one is able to expand and transcend to cosmic existence.

Shiv In a literal sense, Shiv is the pioneer in the field of evolution and ingenuity.

Innovation is the process of introducing new products in market to face survival times. Not only organizations but countries and continents are battling to develop a solid innovation culture that can open the doors of sustained performance for them. As we move forward, people are innovating themselves by acquiring new skills, gaining skills, personality, and knowledge, and integrating innovations into their work in order to be recognized and successful.

With over ten kinds of innovation that are available in the market disruptive innovation refers to an innovation that challenges the current system, offering more advantages or added value benefits to create the best. The characteristics are derived from a process of user research that is targeted at specific consumer base in order to define a specific contour of the general Disruptive innovation terminology.

Tandava is an energetic form of Shiva’s dance that dissolves in a re-creation of the cycle of preservation, creation disruption and recreation throughout the universe. The tool is symbol of the cycle of life, which involves making and destroying like the daily rhythm of life and death. This is why the Tandava tool is able to balance this perishable world. Tandava is Shiva’s most powerful tool for disruption and innovation, which is the basis of fresh creation.

Shiva’s crescent moon indicates the need to have a clear thought process with alertness about the environment around us. This trait is important for innovators since they have to be able to comprehend the entire scope of market and be alert to the movement of markets. Moon is a reference to innovators who should consider a hundred times before they then move forward.

Shiva is sitting on or draped in a tiger skin during a trance of meditation thinking about his next creative phase. The tiger skin symbolizes significant energy in the wearer which is expected to be a most important attribute of an innovator. The potential energy of an innovative person should be a key factor driving the entire process in order to reach the desired goal.

Thomas Edison, Wright brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Sergey Bin, Bill Gates and many others who achieved what they imagined according to their potential.

Kamandalu, a vessel filled with nectar is always found on the ground in front of Shiva. The Kamandalu isn’t made out of silver or gold however it is made of a dry pumpkin, similarly innovators must focus on utilization of natural resources conservation of energy, and make sustainability the primary goal when generating new ideas.

Hour Glass Drum is combination of two triangles separated by a line. Damru drum can be used as a sound source for Tandava dance. The sound of drum is only heard when you are in a state of deep meditation. As an innovator, the drum is a tool for research on users. In this case, the innovator needs to listen to the needs of users, their preferences in the present moment and with empathy.

Its flowing Ganga of Shiva’s copper-matted long and sensuous locks signifies exuberance as well as the noble goal for preserving the earth’s life. Innovation should be performed with high-spirits, liveliness and enthusiasm however, the philosophy of human welfare must be considered to ensure the welfare of humans and society.

Snakes necklaces and Rudrakshas represent law, order and justice which are the foundations of every research, which includes the science of disruption. The innovation should not violate the well-being or harmony in the environment.

Trident represents action, willpower knowledge and action. These are the three most important characteristics of every disruptive innovator. An innovator must possess the ability to translate his ideas into action using enormous willpower and expertise.

Nandi His bull is waiting for Shiva to wake from meditation, listening to the cosmic acoustics. He removes ignorance; bequeath wisdom to Shiva’s followers. This is the way that innovators should teach people of the importance of innovation , and how we improve our lives by using the invention.

His dance in burning red flames out of his mouth and left hand tells us the whole world will be consumed over a period of time and consequently we have to keep moving at a steady speed.

Lord Shiv and his Shiv-tattav (principles) reproducibility power, and power in real life are the fundamental elements of disruptive innovation. If we connect these incredible symbols, myths, cosmic tools with the science of Disruption Innovation it is clearly obvious that the God of Destruction is the earliest pioneer of Disruption Innovation.

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