How to Increase Blog Traffic

Everybody has a blog , but the majority of them remain unread in the cloud of internet. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how can I drive more people to visit my blog? The answer is easy and if you’re willing to spend some time, you can make it happen without cost as well.

Blogs are more or less the same as any other website on the internet. Sure , they’re designed to make it easy for bloggers to share pictures, news, and video with no computer knowledge however, they’re simple, user-friendly mini-websites. Now that you’ve got one you’re trying to attract more traffic to it so here are a few easy and inexpensive first ways to boost your blog’s traffic.

#1 Blog About Something People Care About

Seriously – if nobody cares about your blog as it’s just random talk about your breakfast that morning, you won’t pick up a lot of visitors. However, regardless of how bizarre your interests could be someone out there also cares about their interests. So , this is simple one – simply write about something you think someone else could relate to.

#2 Submit Your Blog to Directories

This one is also easy however it takes some time. There are a lot of free services out there where you can send your blog’s details to. They are basically like giant telephone books for blogs. Once you add your blog to their services, more people will be able to find your blog. You’ll be able to classify your blog, and many will allow you to create the blog’s own “tags” which are basically the key words. Simply go to your preferred Google search, type something like “free blog submission” and you’ll find lots of sites which can aid you.

#3 Have a Blogroll

Blogs typically have hyperlinks that lists the websites or blogs that are related or that the blogger enjoys visiting. If you’d like to increase traffic find some sites where you can exchange an article on their site to one of your own. Be careful not to get too excited by this because you may lose traffic if you misuse this. This is where you begin to understand the internet’s deeper and more inside workings. So for the sake of brevity we’ll simply say this: you should not have more than 100 links on your front page or you may reduce your chances of getting big traffic.

#4 Submit Your Blog to Feedreaders

Many blog sites offer the capability of creating a “feed”. It is possible to hear discussions about RSS, feedreaders, or syndication. What this basically means is that every blog makes an inventory of the posts that will be added it , much like headlines for a newspaper. There are sites on the web like the Blog Directories that you can submit your RSS feed or blog to. When you submit it, they’ll be able to read your blog’s headlines, and readers can browse through them for interesting blogs. The best part about these feed systems is that most are able to keep checking your blog for new posts, so once you’ve submitted it you can just reap the benefits!

#5 Blog Often and When Appropriate

One mistake some people make when blogging is blogging with nothing of value to say , just to make another “post” on their blog. If you’re doing this, then you will not be able to build people who will be attracted to saving your page in their bookmarks or favorites. However, you want to frequently update your blog. If you don’t regularly update your blog, then you’ll end up boring your readers. Make sure you blog regularly, but be sure that your blog is relevant to your readers.

#6 Make Sure Your Blog Has a Theme

If your blog is all over the place you’ll struggle to put up a community. You might get a few hits here and there by random visitors, but you’d like to build a community. For that, you’ll need to choose a few categories that you’ll be posting about and stick with those categories. If you’re someone who posts random posts, you can create a category titled Random Thoughts or something along the lines, but be cautious.

#7 Pingbacks and Trackbacks

If you wish to get people to come to your blog, then go to other blogs that are similar to yours. You can also get involved. You’ll find that people often make comments and include links to their blog or a related one in their comments. These are an aspect of the pingback/trackback system which could be a lot of fun. It also gets you lots of extra traffic. Don’t spam, as you’ll just irritate people who might be friends with you and get your comments taken down and your ability to post comments revoked.

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#8 Appearance Matters

Each blog service has templates which can create a unique blog or have a style you like. You can often modify your blog using custom images and tweak the design. While this may be helpful to your blog be careful that you aren’t making it irritating to readers who might be interested. Few people would want to visit a website which is uncomfortable to look at or which is filled with music that they don’t like.

You have it, eight easy tips to increase the number of visitors to your blog. One thing you should remember is that building up your blog’s traffic will lead to t

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