Emerging Trends in Business Communication

Communication is believed to be based on a message between two or more parties. Communication has become more than just the transmission of messages. Communication is the interaction of general understanding and, in some cases, misleading ideas, opinions and questions. Communication is an important aspect of every business, and many businesses struggle to keep up… Continue reading Emerging Trends in Business Communication

Healthcare of the Future

17% of gross domestic product (GDP or economy) comes from health. This is 8% more than in other developed countries. However, no population is healthier than in other countries. The United States has a life expectancy of 26th. (This is information provided by the Peterson Center on Healthcare. We’ll talk more about them later. )… Continue reading Healthcare of the Future

Article Writing Tips For Newbies

As a writer, I clearly remember the problems I encountered when I started writing articles as a newcomer. These tips are written specifically for anyone trying to write an article. Search engine indexing requires that most of us have blogs and articles for good rankings. You’ve probably heard the phrase several times before, but that’s… Continue reading Article Writing Tips For Newbies

PAIN From Undiagnosable Sources

When I began working on Human Energy Field in the 1980s I was unaware about the amazing revelations that would unfold. In the course of time as I worked with thousands of patients, I experienced and was guided by various sensations within the biofield around the body which told the story of that individual’s symptoms. For… Continue reading PAIN From Undiagnosable Sources

Choosing the Right Leather Work Gloves

Dexterity, comfort the flexibility, security, and cost are the key considerations when choosing leather gloves to be used in a particular work environment or as a general purpose work glove. A comparative study of leather work glove options, material choices, pattern variations, styles, and applications will help you choose the best glove. Glove Leather Types and… Continue reading Choosing the Right Leather Work Gloves