Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

Blogs (short to weblog) is generally a blend of the events in a person’s life as well as what’s happening on the Web. It’s a kind of diary which is regularly updated and is intended for public consumption. Blogs can be found in various styles, styles and designs, based on the user’s preferences. A lot of blogs contain features like photos, videos, texts and a shoutout feature, twitter updates and a variety of other plug-ins (available for free on the internet). Another type of blog that is new is the audio blogging. Instead of just writing text certain bloggers opt to enhance their blog’s appearance through the use of spoken-word posts.

Here’s the most common blog structure that a lot of people follow:

title- just like the one in your head. Title defines your blog entry
body- The contents of your article, this portion reveals your creative flair in the way you express yourself.

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trackbackSend you an email that a different blogger has commented on your post.
permanent link- A link that is a direct URL to your blog’s post
comments- Allow your readers to leave comments on your blog.

The benefits of blogging

Now, you’re wondering why you should blog instead of launching a website? Check out the advantages I’m about to give you here and decide whether to go with a blog or web-based site is better.

Simple to design: Blogs are easy to make. There is no need to go through the hassle of web programming. You can download free templates from the blogs of blog hosting providers.
Search engines love blogs: If this is the case your blog is likely to be listed within a shorter time. That is your blog will be located on the organic search results.
Easy to manage: Blog software allows you to upload content online at any time anywhere.You do not have to be concerned about uploading your content with FTP software, or any other software.
Allows for easy interaction with your visitors: The comment section lets you be aware of what your reader is looking for and allows you to communicate with them in order to can determine what kind of information they’d like to read about.
Free: It’s the coolest thing is that that blogging is completely cost-free! It is possible to get a free blogging software through the Net. Simply search for it. One of the most popular examples is:

Who can benefit from the blog?

Anyone can start a blog. People who wish to begin an online blog can do this by signing up to become an active member on the blogging site that they prefer. Blogs are currently being widely used across the globe. It is estimated to host around 112.8 million blogs around the world. It’s evident that it’s not restricted to personal use anymore. A lot of people have utilized it for commercial purposes like selling and advertising their products on their blogs and sharing information with others.

The most popular type of blog currently is one that considers it an personal journal. This is the type that is typically utilized by new bloggers. Anyone who is poetic or love to vent their frustrations often discover blogging the opportunity to be in a position to express their feelings.


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