Article Writing Tips For Newbies

As a writer, I clearly remember the problems I encountered when I started writing articles as a newcomer. These tips are written specifically for anyone trying to write an article.
Search engine indexing requires that most of us have blogs and articles for good rankings. You’ve probably heard the phrase several times before, but that’s not what you want to hear. Relax, you’re not alone. Many people are plagued by that fact. Does anyone hate writing articles? Some people are afraid of it. Many call them “essential evil” -in fact.
The first problem is finding a topic to rewrite. Then comes the crisis of writing the first line. That is correct. Everyone experienced it. There is a topic to work on, and once you start thinking, it’s very easy to write.
The most important thing is to get started. Do you have a favorite topic you would like to talk to or read? Please select a topic well. Ideas begin to flow with amazing agility. What he knows about the subject is not unique and tends to be considered general knowledge. This is a false assumption. Many people don’t know what you know. No one knows everything about every topic. We are all knowledge bases on different topics.

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Your body is hiding behind you and never looking over your shoulder to see what you are writing. The article doesn’t have to be perfect at first. This does not mean that it should be wrong and incomprehensible. It is intended to be understood by human readers. We don’t seek perfection when writing articles. We use the methods that convey the information we have. You don’t have to enter a lot of details each time you enter. Your readers may get lost and abandon the article. Most readers simply don’t have time for long articles.
For example, most publishers require an article of at least 500-600 words to accept a submission. Obviously, blog posts need to be smaller. At least most of the time. Images can and should be used to enhance blog posts. You can also embed hyperlinks.
One or two photos work very well. There is nothing more. Large images slow down web page loading and tend to discourage impatient visitors. This applies only to blogs. Articles cannot contain images when submitted to the article directory.
We recommend that you write your articles in text format. Your notebook program works well.
Start your article with a good spell checker and grammar checker (Microsoft Word), but keep in mind that the spell checker only checks for misspellings. Reading the article is a more reliable way to find the error before publishing it. Do not use MS Word to submit articles just for spell checking. Then save the file in plain text format (.txt). Blogs and article directories prefer posts to be in plain text format.
Your most difficult article will be first. The more you write, the easier it will be.
Once you have enough material for some blog posts, you will need some tools to publish it. Google Search for Blog Hosts provides an endless list of free blog hosts. Sign in to one (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) and follow the instructions to publish your post.
Look for an article assistant to submit your articles to various directories while your blog is set up. You can submit the item manually, but it will take some time. Article contributors can quickly post to hundreds of directories.

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