A Dance Partner at Last

It doesn’t matter if you’re new at ballroom dancing (or any other type of dance that involves dancing with an individual) or an experienced dancer seeking an exciting new partner, here are some tips to keep in mind when you choose you “other half” to compliment you on the dance floor. While certain characteristics of your potential partner might be evident from the beginning but others might require some time (or at least some trials) for realization. A friend, a sibling or a stranger when it comes to dancing is a must to not just act like you but also look the part while keeping your audience entertained. goes beyond the perfect dance choreography and steps. When you dance, you are telling a story, you are expressing yourself, not only through words, but by using every part of your body and inner being.


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When it comes to dancing for women, one must have confidence in herself to follow her on the floor. Dancing is one of the very few situations where a woman needs to be able to predict what step a man is likely to take prior to when he actually takes it. It is the woman’s responsibility to step with confidence and follow the partner with each step. And in some cases like twists or turns, spins, and lifts, you must be able to have faith enough to trust that he will guide you in a proper and effective manner and do not let you down.

As a male dancer confidence comes from the notion of being competent to lead your lady around the dance floor, to convey to her (only through body movement) what she needs to do. The male determines what happens when they dance and where it takes place, and which numbers and dance steps take, so having a confident male partner, who can to make on the spot dance decisions and maneuver the woman around other couples on the dance floor, is detrimental.

If you’re a man who was confident enough to invite a lady to the dance floor for the first time, then you’ve got the qualities needed to be an excellent dancer!

Physical Attraction

Like regular couples physical attraction is essential with dance couples to build and keep chemistry when dancing. No matter if you’re a guy or a woman, having a attractive partner can add some “fizz” in to your dancing. If you are a ballroom dancer there’s no connection between you and your dance companion on dancefloor, you’re exactly the same as if were to dance on your own, and the people watching are the first to think that you’re an “mismatch”.


Compatibility is the same as the second point and I use the word in a broader sense that includes (but not only) physical compatibility (height and weight, built) as well as age and interests. It’s much easier to dance with and be able to relate with a partner who’s at the same age and share common desires as you. Physical compatibility is essential for couples who dance in standard/smooth or Latin/rhythm styles , to keep their posture and form for ease of leading/following, and to look elegant on the dance floor. It is also important to make sure that the partner you choose has the same interest and desires for dancing as you do in order to avoid any mistakes in communication and confusion of intent in the future.

Dancers who are comfortable

In a fantastic dance performance there’s no need to hold back. If you are dancing, you must be able to express and feel comfortable for oneself to “let go”, disconnect from daily life and connect with a different realm. To do this, you’ll require a partner whom you will be at ease dancing with , and a dance partner who makes you want to shed away every bit of shyness and hesitation that you may be experiencing.

It is possible that you won’t be able address the problem of “comfort level” when dancing with a brand new partner at first, but over time you might be able to form an evaluation of what “close” you can be without creating awkward situations or moments, or be able get over whatever the discomfort you felt at the very beginning. Everything new requires time being adjusted to or acclimatized to the new environment, so don’t quit without at least a try.


This is particularly true for those who have a higher/lower standard or knowledge of dancing. You should ensure that your partner has the patience to be able to instruct you and/or to practise with you (without fighting or disagreements) until both of you are have caught up to the same level and mastered the techniques of each step and variation. There is no perfect dancer and nobody can do everything right the first time, therefore having a reliable partner who has determination and perseverance can make your dancing experience that is more enjoyable and pleasant.

Dedication & Commitment

For certain people, dancing is second in nature to walking, while others find it quite challenging to listen to and feel the music and to dance in sync even a beat and a dance partner at the same time. In my time of dancing with many different partners (from people who haven’t had a dance move in their life to people who feel the music in their bodies and have a energy in their feet) I’ve come be aware that no matter your experience and level of dancing, just as with any other endeavor in life, a amount of commitment and hard effort will allow you to look like you’ve been dancing for years. Dancing can be a intense and competitive sport, and involves a lot dancing, sweat, shaky feet spills, bruises, falls and painful feet. But if you can find a partner who is as dedicated as you are to becoming a great dancer, you will most certainly be able to get beyond the pain and delight every moment you are on the dance floor.

Creativity and Imagination

As with any other type of expression or art dance requires a huge deal of imagination and creativity. Just performing a few basic routines and steps that both of you have learned in class is one thing however, choreography that keeps both an audience and you (as the dancer) entertained and interested is quite a task. This is especially felt by beginners whose dancing is limited to a very few basic steps. In such instances dancing can become monotonous and boring. However, if you had a creative partner who could build upon the basics of dance steps and routines, and come up with one or two new variations, I guarantee you will be compelled to stay on the dance floor until every dance.

Passion for Dancing

In my book, this of dancing is the primary thing to look for in the dance partner. There are those who dance for fitness and exercise purposes, to some it’s an opportunity to make new acquaintances with other people of the same gender. For a minority, dancing is an obsession and a hobby. It doesn’t matter how old, what color or knowledge your potential partner is, or what kind of attractiveness they have or what physical skills and aptitudes your partner has in dancing or how proficient they might be in keeping their rhythm in tune The most crucial thing to be looking for when choosing a dance partner has to be his/her passion for dancing. Since without passion, there’s no desire to expressyourself, to relax and let your feet, body, hands and facial expressions create a narrative.

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